Gemini has specialised in the development of thermoforming products for many years, across a range of business sectors including the FMCG and pharma industries. We offer a complete design & prototype service to pilot production.

Thermoforming (or vacuum forming) describes the manufacturing process of heating a thermoplastic sheet to a defined temperature which is then moulded to the desired shape using a vacuum and compressed air.

We are committed to offering excellent levels of service and quality throughout the development process. So, whether your component is complex or simple, or you need low or medium quantities, Gemini have the knowledge to make sure you receive the best results possible.

Parts can be produced in a range of materials and finishes

  • A wide range of embosses & textures
  • Colours
  • Thickness
  • UV stable
  • Fire retardant grades
  • Antibacterial additives
  • Chemical resistance
  • Low Density Polyethylene
  • High Density Polyethylene
  • Polypropylene
  • Polystyrene

Thermoforming Process

Components are formed using a high-definition vacuum forming machine whereby plastic or film is heated and sucked against the mould.

Once a mould is produced from 3D CAD data it is placed inside a vacuum forming machine; then a thermoplastic sheet is clamped into the machine and heated until it is softened. With the sheet held over the mould horizontally it is pressed into and stretched over the mould using a vacuum and compressed air.

The softened sheet conforms to the shape of the mould and is held in place until it cools. The part is then released, and the excess material is then trimmed away allowing for the process to be repeated.

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