Ultrasonic Welding

Welding occurs as a result in the heat generated at the interface between the parts. This technique is fast, efficient, and non-contaminating. With ultrasonic we can weld a variety of thermoplastics such as ABS, PP, HIPS.

In addition to welding, ultrasonic can be used to:

  • Insert
  • Stake
  • Stud weld
  • Degate
  • Spot weld

Hot Plate Welding

Hot plate welding is extremely beneficial to our customers seeking to join thermoplastic components where both high-strength and strong seals are crucial, or where parts have complex geometries, such as irregular shapes, or curved sections.

We can accommodate a vast range of component sizes from micro mouldings right through to complete air duct systems. With hot plate welding we can join a range of materials from soft TPE to glass reinforced nylon.

Hot Air Welding

Hot air welding is a fast and effective way of joining almost any thermoplastic such as PP, ABS, PE, TPE, PA, HIPS and more. This process requires no tooling and creates robust hermetic seal.

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