Having design, engineering development and tooling undertaken on-site at Gemini means that all development stages can be fully integrated. This not only speeds up the development time but the expertise we can provide you with could potentially reduce manufacturing costs.

With the raw CAD data your idea can be turned into a product that is fully featured in terms of assembly and function. Once development is under way in 3D CAD the data can be used to produce either virtual models or physical prototype models.

We use several CAD programs for our development, these include:

  • Solid Works
  • Catia
  • Power Shape
  • B-Slim blow moulding simulation software

This 3D data drives the tooling design (Including flow and FEA analysis where necessary), whether it be for injection moulding, blow moulding or any other process. This means that your concept can be in your hands quickly ready to test out in the real world.

Gemini specialises in providing engineering design for projects in which a high level of engineering analysis and expertise is required, to deliver the necessary levels of problem solving.

This enable us to produce products which not only perform as intended but can be manufactured in production.

Our Services Include:

  • Product development
  • Engineering design
  • Design optimisation
  • Design troubleshooting
  • Component sizing & design
  • Moulding simulation

At Gemini we are focused on working across a broad range of industries sharing our experienced engineering design, design analysis and product development expertise to get products delivered to market quickly and in the most cost-effective way.

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