Gemini specialises in the development of blow moulded components, producing mouldings in various sizes ranging from micro parts up to approximately 10 litres.

From our range of blow moulding machines here in house we can produce mouldings in various materials and colours. We also have the capacity to produce multi-layered components.

Gemini can provide production quality mouldings which are innovative and market leading, with quick delivery times at competitive prices.

You can rely on our extensive experience in moulding to develop and refine your product through to production.

  • Components produced in a range of additives
  • High tolerance components in varying material thickness
  • Clear PETG bottles, HDPE bottles and tottles

Gemini Prototyping is a leading specialist in Blow Moulding development for:

  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Consumer packaging
  • Industrial
  • Defence

Extrusion Blow Moulding process

Extrusion blow moulding is a process of producing hollow plastic parts by melting plastic resin and extruding the plastic into a mould tool. Once the plastic is extruded through the machine it flows through the open two halves of a mould tool, the two tool halves shut with the plastic inside then pressurised air is pushed into the mould to form the shape of the tool cavity inside. Once it cools the mould is opened releasing the part so the process can be repeated.

Co-Extrusion Blow Moulding process

The co-extrusion blow moulding process allows parts to be blown with the bottle wall being made up of different layers of plastics. The process works in a similar way to extrusion blow moulding with the main difference that the machine can control the flow of multiple extruders which then extrudes several layers of material at the same time into the tool cavity. The mould shuts and pressurised air is then pushed into the tool to form the shape of the cavity; the mould then releases the part, and you are ready to repeat the process. This is a good process to achieve decorative finishes that would be either unachievable or too expensive to manufacture in a single layer extrusion process and you can alter the flow of material so that different wall thicknesses are achieved to suit the purpose.

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