Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping is used to produce premium quality, low cost prototypes from CAD data sources quickly and efficiently. This highly effective process enables you to:

  • Examine your product design more effectively
  • Reduce the time it takes to get the product into the marketplace
  • Produce rapid tooling to manufacture the product
  • Makes changes to the product and develop it further

 SLA, SLS & Carbon Filled SLS

SLA & SLS are ideal for rapid, one-off prototypes. An SLA can also be used as a master for a process called vac casting. SLS prototyping is similar to SLA but is reinforced to provide a stronger more durable part. We can also produce carbon filled SLS prototypes which commonly used in automotive manufacturing for producing both functional prototypes for preproduction testing without the expense of tooling.

Vacuum Casting

Vacuum casting service gives you parts of high quality low volume prototypes in a variety of polyurethane resins. This process uses a silicone mould which is made from a master part to make identical polyurethane parts which can be textured, polished or coloured according to your requirements. It’s a fast and inexpensive process which is ideal for prototyping or for producing small batches of prototype parts without putting the budget up.

CNC Machined Prototypes 

Gemini can produce complex one-off or multiple prototypes straight from a CAD design by using various CNC machines. With this operation prototypes can be produced without the need for tooling and can be machined in various plastics or metals.

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