Plastic Welding

Ultrasonic Welding

Welding occurs as a result in the heat generated at the interface between the parts. This technique is fast, efficient and non- contaminating. With ultrasonic we can weld a variety of thermo plastics such as ABS, PP, HIPS.

In addition to welding, Ultrasonic can be used to:

  • Insert
  • Stake
  • Stud weld
  • Degate
  • Spot weld


Hot plate welding is extremely beneficial to our customers seeking to join thermoplastic components where both high-strength and strong seals are crucial, or where parts have complex geometries, such as irregular shapes, or curved sections. We can accommodate a vast range of component sizes from micro mouldings right through to complete air duct systems. With hot plate welding we can join a range of materials from soft TPE to glass reinforced nylon.


Hot air welding is a fast and effective way of joining almost any thermoplastic such as PP, ABS, PE, TPE, PA, HIPS and more. This Process requires no tooling and creates robust hermetic seal.

We offer a range of plastic welding solutions, please contact a member of the team for more information’


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